25 Random Things

1. i am a vegan. and i love every minute of it.

2. i collect copies of pride and prejudice. i just can’t seem to help it. i believe i currently have nine copies.

3. i have four full bookshelves and that is not enough for all of my books. i still need more books!

4. i have a degree, but it is not much better than something i could pull from a cracker jack box. i am currently going back to get a “real” degree, but i keep changing my mind on a major.

5. i can be very openly opinionated, but i am trying to calm that down.

6. i am an empath. i am highly sensitive to what others are feeling which can be quite stressful.

7. i love sharing what i love with others. which is why i annoy so many of my friends and family with my obsessive posts about my current favorite book, tv show, etc.

8. i never wanted to be a mom. it just sort of happened. i am so freaking glad it did too. my son is the best thing about my life. he’s epic.


9. i want to be supportive, but i have a bad habit of not supporting family or friends when i disagree with them. working. on. this.

10. i was an elementary christian school teacher for seven years. i miss the kids, not the politics.

11. i have four tattoos: a sparrow, the deathly hallows symbol from harry potter, a peace sign, and the ugliest tat of a butterfly you will ever see.

12. i had a pastor who is currently in jail for murder.

13. i’ve lived in china and new york city. i miss them both.

14. my husband laughs at me when i cry over books.

15. i used to be afraid to cry or let others know that i cried. now i cry over everything. it’s quite freeing. and messy.

16. i wish people would stop worrying about being right so much and try being more compassionate instead.

17. i would love to have dreadlocks. or shave my head.

18. i spoke with a counselor just once. i told her something very important and personal. she laughed. bitch.

19. my favorite color is brown. seriously.

20. i have a not so secret obsession with all things harry potter. and no. i’m not too old.

21. i had a list of things to do before i turned 30. i only did one of them. but it was a big one…

22. i don’t believe in god anymore. i am at peace about it even though i know others are not.

23. i hate driving my standard, but i bought it to prove to myself that i could.

24. i laughed so hard i peed on mark once. funny story. you probably don’t want to hear it.

25. i have huge social anxiety issues. some days i just can’t bring myself to leave the house.


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