Job’s Unfortunate Wife

Ah, the book of Job. Who hasn’t heard of Job and his faithfulness? The more I hear about him, the more pissed off I get. Let’s just remember some of the details of Job’s story.

God and Satan have a little chat. God is soooo proud of Job and his intense faith. But Satan is unimpressed and goads, “Well yeah look at him. He’s prosperous. It’s easy to have faith when everything is going well.” So God predicts, “Fine, let’s see what happens when Job loses everything: his family, his fortune, his health – absolutely everything. You’ll see, Satan, you puny twit. Job is a great man of faith. He won’t let Me down,” or something much more reverent I’m sure.

So Job loses everything. Then he shows great faith and gets back more than he ever had to begin with. Good job Job! Here’s the thing that upsets me though. His children died. Just to prove the faith that one man had – to an enemy no less – many people died. After all of this happens, Job’s wife who doesn’t even get the courtesy of a name says, “Curse God and die.” Now Job’s wife is the worst person ever because old What’s Her Face dared to get upset with how things went down. Job gets to have the honored title of “He of Strong Faith” or some such title, and no one can seem to understand why such a horrible woman would question God’s decisions. I mean, how dare anyone question the Lord’s omniscient wisdom. But in the end, Job seems happy enough to get a new family. “Yay, I have replacements for all the children I have lost. Now I’m happier than ever. Score.” It’s feels a bit like having your child’s goldfish die and replacing it before he comes home from school. No. Big. Deal.

Except guess what? It was a big freaking deal to Job’s wife. HELLO!! She just had her family die. All of them!! The children she raised. The children she bathed. The children she sang to sleep, held a cold cloth on their heads when they weren’t well, worried when they fell. The children she prayed to God for safe keeping every. single. night. How dare God allow that to happen!?! I guess it didn’t matter about Job’s wife’s faith, huh?

Was it just because she was a woman? Feels like it. Women are rarely considered in the Bible. They are only mentioned to add credence to a bigger story. A man’s story. Oh there’s a few that get a bit of face time, but let’s be real. Even their stories are just to further someone else’s story. Even Esther. Even Ruth. Even Mary.

I’ll interrupt myself for a moment to say this: maybe I’m not being fair to Job, the father. Maybe he was just as broken-hearted as his wife. That may be the case {it probably was the case, and I’m sorry for his loss}, but I’m still not over the fact that no one seemed to understand where the wife was coming from. Not even Job. This I find unforgivable.

So here’s to the unmentioned. The unconsidered. The ignored. Here’s to the women who have lost without a second thought. To the Marthas who were just trying to make sure everything was taken care of. Yet somehow they aren’t good enough because they aren’t at a man’s feet {By the way, I’m sure Martha would fit under that title of the perfect Proverbs 31 woman everyone loves to talk about, yet it was Mary who was honored by Jesus…} Here’s to the mothers who have lost their children. Here’s to the children who have been used as pawns in God’s game of life. Here’s to the women who aren’t wives or mothers, so lets just pretend they don’t exist or send them away. Hey, they can always go to Africa… {That was my Missions Major in college talking there…} Here’s to all of the people who are just there for someone else’s story. I guess some lives really are more important than others.

Job used to be one of my favorite stories in the Bible. It was where I went when everything was going wrong to remind myself that even if I lost everything, I would still be okay. Then I. Became. A. Mom. That changed everything. It’s not about just me anymore. No amount of faith or blessings is worth the loss of a child. None. Does that make me selfish? Maybe, but I don’t think so. You wonder how can I chose my child over God? Easily. It’s not even a contest.

I’m so tired of men standing in pulpits and telling women how to live, how to dress, how to love their husbands all while ignoring that we are actual human beings with feelings, beliefs, concerns, fears… Not every woman is going to be a wife. Not every woman is going to be a mother. They try to put us into tiny boxes that we could never possibly fit, and then they chastise us when we just can’t seem to fit. Those women are going off the rails again. What should we do? Put them in their place of course! By the way, no one belongs at someone else’s feet. No one. There are plenty of ways to show love and respect without kneeling in extreme submission, but I’ll save that conversation for another day.

So to Job’s wife, I get it girl. I’m on your side, and I’m sorry for your loss. You aren’t alone anymore.


2 thoughts on “Job’s Unfortunate Wife

  1. Reblogged this on itjustinme and commented:
    “I’m so tired of men standing in pulpits and telling women how to live, how to dress, how to love their husbands all while ignoring that we are actual human beings with feelings, beliefs, concerns, fears…” — That what I was going through, not anymore..
    I have the same thought about Martha story.
    Good points! 🙂


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