Negativity Sucks


Too many people are negative about everything. Please stop. You’re making yourself and everyone around you miserable. Seeing everything that happens in your life as negative will only make your life harder than it already is. Bad things will happen. Deal with them the best way you can and move on. Tell yourself that tomorrow will be better.

Your attitude will make or break you.

Also, putting down someone else because of the way they look, dress, sing, behave, or think will not make you look better, dress better, sing. behave. or think better. It’s completely okay to promote others and their successes while trying to promote your own. There is no need to make fun of someone or be negative about them. None whatsoever. Be nice. Be positive. See the good in yourself and in others. If you see the bad in everything, that’s what you will have.

Try to be positive about everything that comes across your path today. You may be surprised at how much better you will feel. Being happy only when things are going well is not going to cut it. Be positive in the face of the negative, and it will change your life.


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