I Am Not a Less Than

I’m overweight. I get it. You don’t have to stare. Is it because you are wondering how I even show my face in public? Is it because you’re surprised I don’t have two donuts in my hands? Fuck you. I am not less than you because I have visible problems. You may not know this, but I’m working on them. I work on them every day. Some days I have great success. Other days I’m a freaking mess. So what? Are you perfect?

To the men who cut me off in the supermarket but don’t bother apologizing because clearly I don’t deserve any type of respect, Fuck you. To the teens who walk behind me and start giggling and pointing, I see you and hear you. It hurts.

I am not a less than. I am not my flaws. I am a person who feels, who loves, who cries. I am not a thing to make fun of. I am me.

To those who feel the same as I do, it gets better. Not every day. But there will be days when that stuff won’t matter. Tell yourself that they don’t matter. Because they don’t. You matter. That’s it. To those who let their insecurities control everything you do, don’t let them. Don’t let fear of being criticized or teased keep you from doing what you want. From being you. Fuck them. People who need to make others feel bad only do it to make themselves feel better. Those people aren’t worth your time.

You are wonderful in spite of your flaws. You are wonderful because of them. Don’t let your issues keep you down. Be you. Because you know what? You are AWESOME. Cheer up. You are special. You have a purpose. Find it. Ignore the hate. Ignore the negative feelings. Focus on what makes you happy. Focus on what makes you unique. No matter what your issue is. No matter what insecurities you have. Get out there. Live your life and don’t look back at those who would try to bring you down. They only do that because you are so very far ahead of them.

I’m overweight. I get it. I’m still fucking awesome.



4 thoughts on “I Am Not a Less Than

  1. You were made this way for a reason. I’m always confused why people try to break each other down for apparently having “flaws”. When really those flaws that those people see make us special as us. I love your post. Ignore those who put you down, and move to your own beat


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