A Cure for Jerks

I was responding to a friend’s post on Facebook about racism, when a thought hit me. It’s not deep. It’s not new. But I think it might help clear up some issues that we all have had.

I tend to fit the types of people I don’t like into nice little boxes and keep them there. I am trying to grow as a person and stop doing that, but it’s hard to stop. I’ve been given a very hard time by plenty of Christians in my life, so it has been easy to lump them all together. When I talk about people who want to keep women from being equal or homosexuals from getting married, I tend to just say “Christian.”  It’s the Christians that are hurting the progression of women or gay rights. But that isn’t really the truth, is it? Some Christians can certainly be included in the list of people afraid of progression, but there are plenty of people who aren’t Christian who feel this way as well. There are also plenty of Christians who support progression and want to lift others up instead of tearing them down.

When I hear someone using the “n word,” I immediately call them a racist. That’s pretty straight forward. Although I do see there are some huge inconsistencies with that word I will never use it, and I will consider anyone who uses it as a racist. Even if they are joking. But there are plenty of people who are racist who you may never hear use that word. It’s their actions and attitudes that speak loudest. There are plenty of people who can’t seem to let go of issues with certain races or groups of people. But they shouldn’t all be put in the same category. For example, I have heard plenty of people say “white people” instead of using the word “racist.” Certainly not all white people are racist. Racism is prevalent in all races. Hence the term. Consequently, you can say “reverse racism” is when a black person is racist against a white person all you want. It’s just racism. The color doesn’t matter. The attitude matters.

When I see someone who makes fun of others because of their mental and/or physical status, I label them a bully. Some people just want to belittle others. It makes them feel bigger. Their own insecurities don’t seem so bad when they are making fun of someone else’s. If a jock makes fun of a geek, does that mean all jocks are that way?

I could keep going. I could mention bigots, sexists, and people who are cruel to animals, and many many others.

All of these people mentioned thrive off of the feeling of superiority over others. They are simply jerks. All of them. It doesn’t matter what you call them, they are all trying to make you feel bad about being who you are. They’re JERKS. Plain and simple.

All these mentioned don’t need to be given any more attention than they already get. I think if we focused less on what place they take up in the long list of douche canoes that exist on this planet, we could fight back without doing much of anything. We could try ignoring them. In fact, we must ignore them! We should stop giving them the power to hurt us. One person who hasn’t had to deal with racism may have been made fun of for his weight his whole life. So don’t tell me they don’t know how it feels. We all know what it feels like to come in contact with a jerk. Bullies take all forms. Now, obviously not everyone is going to have the same amount of poor treatment. I’m just saying that we have all felt it in one way or another. We should try to stop acting like our hardships are always worse than everyone else’s. I think we could all come together by realizing the truth behind a jerk’s actions. We could stop causing so many people to be ostracized because of their religion or beliefs and start recognizing if they are trying to be good people or not. Psst. If they’re not, go on with your life without them.

I don’t want a whole race of people to hate me because of the color of my skin. I don’t want a whole religion to hate me because I don’t believe as they do. I don’t want an entire generation to see me as a less than because I’m not as pretty or smart or whatever as they are. You may think I can’t do anything about it. It’s a hopeless cause. Wrong. If one person can try to change their thinking, more can do the same. It’s a process. It’s not going to be easy. But we can make a difference. We can start by recognizing how we put people into unnecessary boxes. If we don’t want to be stereotyped, then we can start there. Try to not do it to others. It’s a pretty good beginning. Also, if you don’t like it when people are jerks to you, try not being a jerk to others. Don’t treat people poorly because you have been treated poorly. That is no excuse.

We must stop causing so much separation. We can start just being humans who want to treat others with respect no matter their political, religious, emotional, or physical status. Let’s stop talking so much about race or religion and start talking about compassion and courage.

Hate is hate. The only way we can stop it is to educate ourselves and our children. We MUST teach them to love and respect others. It’s okay if you weren’t raised that way. You can stop the cycle. You can ignore those who spread hate. Or you can kick them in the face. One will help, although it won’t feel like it. The other might make you feel better, but it will only make them feel victimized and give them further fuel for their hate.

Call them racist if you like, but they are jerks.

Call them Christian if you want, but they are jerks.

Call them whatever type of oppressor you like, but they are jerks.


“In my opinion, we don’t devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.” – Bill Watterson



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