Riot and Ruin OR Protest and Peace

It shouldn’t matter what side of an issue you fall on. You should be able to handle opposition without resorting to hate. I am sickened by the comments I have seen from both sides of the Ferguson issue. There will never be change with people who are hateful and not willing to listen to the other side’s point of view.

There are people out there right now who are upset because of the way they have been treated by police officers and white people in general. They are tired of the way they are being treated. They are tired of the racism and the natural instinct for others to be suspicious and/or afraid. I’m sorry for those people. I want things to change. But they themselves are going to have to stand up and try to fix things. They need to speak to their fellow brothers and sisters and tell them to stop rioting. Protesting does not equal rioting. Protesting does not equal fire and looting. Protesting is fine. If it’s peaceful. The message is lost when rioting occurs. I don’t understand why people are defending looting and rioting. The people who are rioting are helping no one. They are not concerned for their mistreatment. If they really were, they wouldn’t be mistreating others. They wouldn’t take away jobs from the businesses they just destroyed. They wouldn’t be destroying businesses of people who worked hard to get them. If you don’t like mistreatment, you don’t mistreat others. This has become a vicious cycle of hate producing hate.

I’m truly sorry that some people are profiled because of the color of their skin. I really am. We should not still be dealing with racism in 2014. But we are. As long as people respond with violence when they feel they have not received justice, they will not get justice.

Everyone in the world should be looking at these rioters and feel shame and disappointment. There should not be anyone who defends it and says it’s because they feel they have been treated poorly. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. Clearly.

People who are willing to burn buildings down because they are upset – SCARE ME. They should scare you too. That is not rational thinking. That is not concern for a whole race of people. It’s selfish. It’s self-serving. It’s hurting your cause. It’s perpetuating the stereotype. I don’t want to fear leaving my house with my child. I don’t want children who live in that area to be afraid they may lose their homes.

If you are upset that justice was not given, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to stand up, protest, and be heard? Or are you going to burn buildings down and hope to gain justice that way?

Not all white people are racist.  Not all cops are bad. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. Let’s learn from them. Let’s try to come together as humans who want a better world. We can work together. You don’t have to stand alone. You don’t have to stand with a group doing bad things because of the color of their skin. Stand for your future and progress and hope.



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