Thoughts on Indiana

I see three problems with what is happening in Indiana right now.

First of all, while I don’t like discrimination in any form, I do believe that a business owner should have the right so decide if they want to refuse service. There are all sorts of reasons for this like having an extremely rude customer. What I don’t agree with is using my religion or lack there of to simply deny someone buying something that anyone else would be allowed to buy. If I, a recent Atheist, had a store and denied a Christian service, what then would keep me from denying people for other reasons? Or other beliefs? Or to keep a Or what’s to keep a Baptist from denying a Catholic service?

Second, I find a person who is concerned their faith could be compromised by serving someone they disagree with IMMATURE. If you went to a shelter to help serve food and give warm blankets, would you not give a gay couple food or shelter because they were gay? That is a faith that is weak. That is a faith that is so small that you should be ashamed.

Third and most important, Christians, what happened to grace? What happened to love? Or charity? Why has it become acceptable to decide who gets grace and who doesn’t? Just because you have the right to discriminate, does it mean you should? Jesus said whoever is without sin cast the first stone. If Jesus wouldn’t, why are you throwing stones?



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