Free the What Now?

k9exqy7wcwjl5stcvn5jFree the nipple!?!

Are you serious!?! This is what is important to some of you right now? Whether you can post a pic on social media that shows your ta-tas!

How about free the starving children in Africa?

How about free the animals who are stuck in factories waiting to be horribly mistreated and/or slaughtered?

How about free the millions who live without clean water and roofs over their heads?

How about free the people who aren’t allowed to get married because of their sexual orientation?

How about free those who don’t have health care?

How about free those whales?

All I see anymore are posts about how women {including myself} want to be taken more seriously. We want respect. We want to walk down a street without being harassed because of the length of our skirts. We want equal pay. We want our rights! How the hell do we expect anyone to take us seriously when we are complaining about not being able to walk around showing our tits!? Seriously!?! I don’t care what your reasoning behind “Free the Nipple” is. It doesn’t even fall into the top ten thousand things that need to be fixed in this world. This isn’t feminist -it’s childish and immature. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing. Use your voice and tits for something more important. Throw a shirt over those bad boys and write across it what matters. Your nipples don’t. This is coming out harsh, but I can only slightly apologize. At the end of the day, what brings tears to your eyes? What injustice makes your blood boil? Is it really your own boobs? Or is it something else entirely?

What is important to you?


7 thoughts on “Free the What Now?

  1. I am glad to see you post again!

    There are plenty of terrible campaigns out there promoting all kinds of crazy things. I remember a while ago PETA had a campaign to promote drinking beer instead of milk for children. Personally, I think that the issue of objectification needs to be addressed before people should talk about nudity taboos.

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