go ahead. unfriend me.

in response to what i have seen on facebook today.

i will not stop speaking out for people i love.

if it appears to you that i am shoving my beliefs and opinions down your throat, i am sorry.
if it offends you to hear me pick and choose what parts of the bible and religion i use against you, i am sorry.
if my words hurt your feelings even though they are important to me, i am sorry.
if all of these things sound like what you are doing to gay people right now, you should be sorry.

go ahead. unfriend me. it has happened several times today already.

if you can’t acknowledge how your words affect others all while you sit happy and comfortable in your pew, i shouldn’t be friends with you anyway. you could use your faith to encourage others and be a shining example, but instead you use it to make sure everyone knows how sinful they are. you could use your faith to help others, to nurture them, to better them, but you use it when it’s convenient. i cry for the huge win love had yesterday, and then i cry over the hate i have seen today. hate coming out of mouths who say “i’ll pray for you” while condemning people because their sex is different from theirs.

i will not stop speaking out for people i love and those i don’t even know. persecution? you wouldn’t even know what that looks like. but they do. there’s a boy right now who is crying on his bed because people have to tell him every day he is wrong, disgusting, an abomination. there is a little old woman crying beside her dying loved one who can finally get married if she ever wakes up again. they have been persecuted. they have been attacked. they have been told they don’t belong, they deserve to be in hell, they deserve a bullet to their heads.

fine. your bible says it’s sin. does that mean you are to condemn? does that mean you are to hate? or does it mean you should love them anyway? not the kind of love that keeps telling them they are wrong and don’t deserve rights. the love that envelopes them and makes them feel safe and secure. please, just find a way for you to live with this in silence if you disagree. you will be happier with a stronger faith if you do. if you can’t, go ahead. unfriend me.



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