Same Argument Different Face

Irish. Indians. Black people. Women. Gay people. Muslims. Transgender people. Atheists.

All have been either excluded, mistreated, feared, or all of the above.

From the past to the present, there has always been a group of people to disdain. They aren’t worthy of rights or respect. You fear them. Maybe because they are different, maybe because they scare you, maybe because you just fundamentally disagree with them.

What is said today about Muslims, is what was said in the past about the Indians. What is said today about transgendered people and gay people, is what was said in the past about the Irish {to a degree anyway}.

It’s fear. Fear that women will get ideas. That they will want more than servitude. That they might actually be just like you, and that makes you uncomfortable.

In our history, the majority who have brought wars, corruption, rape, terrorism, etc has not been one race of people or even a few different races. It’s been a whole gender. MEN. Men make you fear leaving your children alone in a bathroom. Men make you lock your doors at night. Men make you fear walking to your car alone at night. So what should we do? Ban all men from coming into our stores? Keep men from voting and having rights? Ban men from public restrooms?


Why? Because not all men are like that. Not all men rape. Not all men kill. We shouldn’t punish a whole group of people for the actions of a few. Or even many.

It’s the same with every group listed above. We can’t give in to fear. We can’t let our children be the excuse for our bigotry. {By the way, it’s not transgendered people attacking others in the restrooms. It’s men. Men taking advantage of whatever they can to do deplorable things and blame it on someone else.} BE CAREFUL, yes. Watch your children and your wives and your husbands. Keep them as safe as you can. BUT don’t keep others from things they need, because you don’t want to worry about what might happen.

THRIVE. And let others thrive around you.






11 thoughts on “Same Argument Different Face

  1. You know, I wonder, before all this brouhaha that the right has been making over the bathroom issue how many times I’ve shared the restroom with a transgender woman and had absolutely no idea.

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  2. Woman rape. Woman murder. Woman attack people and children. Yes men do in larger numbers, but woman do as well. The way I see it, people are people and transgender or not they’re JUST AS LIKELY to attack people. I believe bathrooms should only be seperated by sex simply because no other reason for separation makes sense. If you have a penis you use the room with urinals(because men pee standing, typically woman dont). If you have a vagina you use the room with stalls and little containers for you to put your pads and tampons(for periods, that people with penises don’t get). That being said I also don’t believe in being checked(I don’t want anyone checking Me, my friends, my family, or anyone elses ID or otherwise to make sure we’re the right sex to use said bathroom) so there’s really no way to know if you have the proper parts right?. What I’m saying is I don’t want laws to state that you can use any bathroom you feel like, but I also don’t want strict bathroom laws of any kind.


    • It is not what restroom you feel like. It’s what restroom you identify with. Most trans people have had gender reassignment surgery. They have the proper parts to go with their new gender. And like you said. There is no proper way to know, unless they start checking our private parts before we enter the restrooms.


      • People aren’t concerned about transgender people who have had the gender reassignment though. Most of the trouble is caused by young teens and adults who HAVNT had reassignment and feel they should use the bathroom they “look” like they should be in.


      • Again, no one will know if they have boy or girl parts. What everyone is really worried about is men pretending to be women to sexually assault women and children in bathrooms. That can happen anywhere. We need to be vigilant with our children.


      • Which is what I said is it not? I said that in my very first comment. Yes that is what people are worried about, but my point was most cases talking about transgender being able to use whatever bathroom are not cases of someone who is gender reassignmened. If they have a penis literally no one cares if they use the mens bathroom right? The only thing in your comment I disagreed with was he statement about gender reassignment.


      • That’s the point. No one knows what is going on downstairs. The people who are worried are assuming it’s a dude with dude parts dressing like a woman to molest children or whatever.


      • I don’t believe that the attack thing is a valid argument (I said that, or at least that’s what I was intending perhaps I misspoke or you misunderstood.) My only point is there is absolutely no reason to sperate bathrooms besides sex. Nothing. If you were born female and are now have male sexual organs you use the male bathroom. If you were born with a penis and feel like you should have a vagina but don’t yet, you still use the male bathroom. That being said we shouldn’t have strict laws about bathrooms of any kind. I’m all for a third non-gender option, but as for separated bathrooms they should ONLY be separated by Sex. Still I’m not going to be looking down your pants to check, and I don’t want anyone looking down mine(that includes ID checks) it should be a trust system. So if you don’t go along with the separation no one will know.


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