I’m Reminded…

On days like this, I am reminded of the stark contrast between my current religion free life and my old independent fundamental christian life. There was a shooting yesterday. You may have heard about it. 50 people killed. 50!! And yet a good portion of my Facebook feed is SILENT. There is no comment of utter shock and horror. No standing with Orlando. No weeping for those who weep… At least not from this group. I thought most who might feel this way had weeded themselves out by now, but I guess I was wrong. I’m wrong a lot, so this shouldn’t surprise me. You see, there is a certain group of people who don’t feel sorry at all about what happened in Orlando. They think it was JUSTIFIED. They may not come out and say it. That might be too awful even for them. BUT they are thinking it. They won’t shed a single tear for a group of mostly young people who were struck down because of one simple word. HATE. Such a little word that has such a huge impact.


The Bible says – well, I’m sick of quoting what the Bible says about this issue. We all know it by now. Does that really mean that you have to HATE a whole group of people!?! If confronted, a person from this group will say, “Of course I don’t hate them. I just hate their sin.” But that’s a lie. A lie they tell themselves. And it makes them feel better. They feel better knowing they are walking around encircled in God’s love. They are chosen, and it feels so good. People died and they feel good about themselves.

Reason number 124,673 why I left religion. Hate. Hating people all while pretending to love them and wanting to save them. {Let me be clear here. Not all Christians feel this way. I know this. It’s just way too many.} I only see hate coming from them today. And they don’t even have to say a word.

Their SILENCE is deafening.

I am reminded more than ever to LOVE. I am reminded to love those who hate. I will LOVE them and hope that in time they will come to know and understand their hate and change it to love. I won’t let them bring me down anymore. I will do my best to lift them up. I was once like them. I hated who and what I didn’t understand. I hated who and what I thought God wanted me to hate. And I did it all while truly believing I hated no one. I want to show them it doesn’t have to be that way.


I truly believe that LOVE can conquer anything. We just have to stop hating those we don’t understand. My crew can be as bad about that as any. We hate these people for hating. And it goes on and on. Stop the hate. Stop the cycle. JUST LOVE.




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