Your Voice, Vote, AND Kindness Matters

I am stuck in the middle again. I am really good at finding myself there. I have this annoying tendency to see both sides of a situation, which I feel gives me a unique and helpful view point for both sides. IF you are willing to listen. Let me get political for a moment, please. There are two major parties that you and all of your friends are probably involved in. I am third party, which means I am #notwithher and #nevertrump. But this isn’t a post for Gary Johnson {even though I am voting for him and wish you would too} either. This is a plea to STOP HATING your opponents – no matter how despicable or immoral they may be in your eyes. And let’s be clear for a moment. Neither candidate is coming up free and clear on either of those accounts. Both have serious {and actual} charges against them. Both have lied to our faces. Both probably don’t care a whole lot about you or any of us. But again, this is not my point.

It hurts me to see people I care about completely eviscerate their friends and even family, because they have chosen an opposing view. I have heard voters called idiots, hatemongers, heathens, deplorable, disgusting, uncaring, nasty and much much MUCH worse. I am extremely disappointed in this response. You can feel very passionately about something extremely important to you but still be moderately respectful to those with an opposing view. That doesn’t mean you have to like their beliefs. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to be absolutely disgusted with the opposing view. The problem is THIS. What you find disgusting and immoral, I might find appropriate and important. We all have a different idea of what is right and wrong. Just like with religions, they can’t all be right. But that doesn’t mean they are all wrong either. It’s what works for them. More power to them, just leave me out of it. Same with politics. There are so many issues. So many burdens. How can just two people be expected to represent them all? It’s not possible. Where you hate guns and want them gone from every home in America, your neighbor might also hates guns but is scared their children are unsafe and unprotected. So they buy the guns to do their best to protect them. We also have villains who use guns for horrible purposes. We have good people who have a bad day. There are so many scenarios just with the subject of guns that it is impossible to lump them all into just FOR or AGAINST. Abortion is another hot topic. Some see it as murder. Others believe it is not. They want their choice. The truth is abortion shouldn’t even be the issue. BETTER BIRTH CONTROL OPTIONS should be the issue. I fully believe we would need little to no abortions if we put all of that focus we waste fighting among each other on the needs of women and young girls instead. BUT both sides just want to fight. Fight for the morality of the situation when everyone has different morals. We all have different views of what is important. It doesn’t always make one side right and the other side wrong. There are way too many sides for that!

We must stop being so glib about the concerns of our fellow man. Just because it is not your concern, doesn’t mean it’s not a valid concern for them. It is very easy to make the opposing view THE ENEMY. That is why things in our country have gotten worse instead of better. Some are voting out of fear. Some are voting so the other candidate won’t win. Some are voting, because there is something in that candidate that meets their needs. It doesn’t mean they like the candidate. It doesn’t mean they are LIKE the candidate either. Some just see no better options*. It doesn’t mean someone who is voting for _____ is an awful person. It doesn’t mean they deserve your censure.

Too many people are too busy focusing on what they believe and what they have always believed instead of what is actually happening right in front of them. Look up. See. The world is in shambles while you hold on to your prejudices and traditions. Find someone who is of the opposing view and ask them why. Be polite. Have a real conversation. You might just be surprised. Also, I fully believe fear is a huge factor in most voting this year. So if you see someone voting for someone you think is fundamentally flawed, they may just be voting out of fear. NOT HATE. Stop assuming the worst of your neighbor, your co-worker, that cousin – just because you are seeing the worst of a candidate.

Go. Vote. Then smile and be thankful it’s over for the moment.





*Try Gary Johnson if you feel out of options… Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.



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