Argue the Right Way

if you don’t feel oppressed, cool, some do.
if you don’t like the current president, cool, some do.
if you have decent health insurance, cool, some don’t.
if you feel safe in your neighborhood, cool, some don’t.
if you feel like you have all of your shit together, cool, some don’t.
if you don’t worry about the environment, cool, some do.
if you don’t think people who think differently than you are important, NOT cool.

if you post something that lumps all republicans or all democrats into one group, i will not bother reading it. it’s lazy. it’s irresponsible. there is good and bad in every group. hell, there is good and bad in every person.

please don’t call me or my family names because we disagree.

i believe many of you, like me, have strong feelings about a lot of things.
i believe many of you, like me, want to help others understand how or why you feel the way you do.
i believe there is a way to do so without coming across as antagonizing or condescending.

step one: if you add name calling of any kind in your post, forget it. you have already lost your audience. sure. people who agree with you will love your post, but those who feel differently than you won’t get your message. only your censure. if you have excellent points, but you call me a snowflake, i. won’t. listen.

step two: chill out. everything is extremely volatile right now. the beauty of the internet is the ability to step back from the keyboard and count to ten. don’t continue typing until you have calmed down.

step three: don’t insist they are wrong because they are republican, or democrat, or a meat eater, or whatever. again, you will lose them. don’t make it you against them. even if that’s how it feels. just be two people who think differently. see them as a puzzle to figure out. not a tea cup to be smashed.

step four: listen to what they have to say. i don’t care how wrong you think they are. LISTEN. there is always room to meet in the middle if enough effort is made. if you really care about a, b, or c, take the time and listen. they will be more likely to listen to you if they realize you are listening to them.

step five: be clear with your information. the more facts you know, the better your argument will be. don’t just go on feelings. take it from the queen of feels, THAT DOESN’T WORK.

step six: don’t get discouraged if they don’t change. you may have caused a spark of doubt. you may have opened the door for further dialogue.

if you think your cause is important enough, do it right. don’t mock. don’t judge. explain. calmly. listen. and explain again.

it will be worth it.


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